Connecting Tulse Hill

The global COVID-19 pandemic created a very uncertain landscape for many Lambeth residents. The move to remote delivery of many key services left certain individuals isolated and excluded during this time. Many individuals and families in Tulse Hill were particularly hard hit with 1 in 6 households without either Wi-Fi or digital devices to stay connected. The digital world we live in means that Wi-Fi access is no longer a luxury, it is a basic utility, with many households still excluded.

The Connecting Tulse Hill Partnership wanted to make sure that individuals and families were able to access the remote support and services they needed during this time. We aimed to raise enough funding to allow us to purchase and distribute over 200 laptops and mobile data devices to vulnerable households in Tulse Hill. Equipment will be used so that:


  • Individuals can access and apply for welfare support that they may be entitled to
  • Individuals can take part in online courses that are being delivered by High Trees
  • Children and young people can engage in their remote school support
  • Individuals and families can stay connected with each other via video-calls

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