Supporting Children with SEN during COVID-19

Welcome to High Trees and thank you for signing up to our Family Learning course. This 5 week course will run for 5 sessions on  Fridays from 12pm to 3pm from the 5th of February to the 5th of March via ZOOM.

We know how difficult it is to keep your children busy at home, especially when schools are closed and opportunities are limited. This disruption of routine becomes even more overwhelming for families with SEN children, that rely on order, structure, and predictability to feel safe and secure.

This support course is a mixture of fun activities for SEN children, learning for parents and 1:1 support with experienced autism practitioner and Family Learning Tutor. The course will engage children with SEN in activities prepared to meet their needs, parents will have an opportunity to learn how to support their children through various activities and strategies. Throughout the whole course, parents will also have access to 1:1 support to discuss any particular issues they may have.

After the course you will have a better understanding of autism and challenges it may bring, of how SEN children play, of how to make play more therapeutic and how to see autism as a different ability rather than disability.

Our experienced tutor Ola will incorporate in this course, anything that you may find useful, so make sure you include your requests in this form. Some of the topics we will explore are mindfulness for children to support their mental well-being, sensory activities to develop their senses and duties around the house to improve independence in children. You will be able to use what you are already have in your house and explore new resources available for SEN families.

This course is funded by Lambeth Adult Learning and open to all London residents aged 19+.

In line with new government guidelines and COVID 19 regulations, this course will be delivered online via Zoom. Key resources will be accessible via any digital device including smart phone, tablet and PC/laptop. Full support including 1:1s with your tutor will be provided.

Activities will vary each day and incorporate a range of topics

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