Building Young Brixton Partnership Consultant

Post title: Building Young Brixton Partnership Consultant
Salary: Budget for Project £12,000-15,000
Hours: Working over the course of 2022

Deadline for proposals: 15th December at 5pm, to be sent via email to


We are seeking to contract with an experienced consultant to support us with business planning and development for our partnership Building Young Brixton (BYB), a consortium of 8 youth organisations working to empower and build opportunities for young people in Lambeth.

Agencies and individuals wishing to bid to carry out this work should send a proposal by 5 pm on 15th  December. More information on how to apply can be found in the attached brief.

Building Young Brixton (BYB) is a partnership of 8 Lambeth based youth & community organisations (High Trees, Baytree, IRMO, Ebony Horse Club, ML Community Enterprise, Spiral Skills, Juvenis, Loughborough Junction Action Group). BYB came together in 2016 out of a desire to strengthen the youth sector in Lambeth and become a partnership of collaboration rather than competition.

BYB has developed considerably over the past years, attracting multi-year funding grants from Lambeth Council, the GLA and most recently a £1,2 million investment from National Lottery Community Foundation. In order to enter into contracts as a partnership, we have adopted the lead agency model with High Trees Community Development Trust as the leading partner, currently holding the funds on behalf of the partnership and managing the BYB partnership staff. The lead agency model has allowed our partnership to evolve gradually, strengthening our relationships across the consortium, our collaborative working practices and our decision-making structure.

We are now at a stage where we want to actively progress on the development of BYB into its own legal entity and outside of High Trees as its incubator. This involves identifying the right legal and governance set-up and working closely with our partners to adopt new models of shared leadership that put young people at their heart. It will also include developing a solid business plan and income generation strategy, based but not exclusively on our previous fundraising success, creating a clear pathway for sustainability. The attached consultant brief provides more information on the tender process and our key deliverables.

How to apply:

Organisations and individuals bidding to carry out this work should send a proposal which provides the following information:

  • The proposed approach and methods
  • Their track record of working on comparable projects
  • The project team, including the main contact
  • The main tasks to be carried out and the days allocated to each task
  • The costs per day and the total cost for this project

We are happy to discuss details of this brief in more detail in order to aid proposals. Any enquiries should be e-mailed to:

Consultant Brief