Our impact

High Trees is proud of the impact we have through our services, and believes that openness and transparency and sharing the data, learning and detail of what we do is essential.  Below you will find reports on our services and activities as well as the detail of our finances and our operations.  


Annual Impact Report | 2021-2022

100 Listenings on Tulse Hill Estate Report

The Fields Estate ListeningReport 

Understanding Young People’s Experiences of Violence in Lambeth – a Participatory Action Research Approach

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Staff Report | 2022

Annual Impact Report | 2020-2021

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Staff Report | 2021

Covid-19 Lockdown Response Report

Annual Report | 2019-2020

Annual Report | 2016-2017

Annual Report | 2015-2016

Connecting Tulse Hill Summary Report

BYB 18 Month Report

Tulse Hill Adventure Playground Report

PFA Mid-Year Progress Report | 2020

PFA 18 Month Review