Children, Young People & Families

High Trees Community Development Trust runs its Children, Young People and Families programme from the Tulse Hill Adventure Playground, located on Greenleaf Close on Tulse Hill Estate.

Tulse Hill Adventure Playground is an oasis of play in the heart of a residential area. The Adventure Playground offers a large outdoor space where children can play freely. Whether it is building a treehouse, making a campfire, digging holes, playing football, splashing paint around or going on the zip line; anything goes when it comes to playing here. We are also in the exciting phase of redesigning our outdoor play space so it will be even more adventurous and fun soon.

Play is a crucial part of childhood; it is essential in order to support a child’s all-round development and promotes positive well-being. We feel that if we can create a rich and varied play space, the whole community can benefit from its effects.

Play and Youth Sessions

We offer free after-school play and youth sessions for children and young people aged 8-16. These take place on Monday – Thursday from 3:30pm to 7pm. These are sessions where children can come and play freely, express themselves, relax with friends and learn new skills. The sessions are staffed by trained play workers and youth workers in order to make the space as fun and safe as possible.

In order to make each days sessions unique, we have different themes we run. So whatever your interest; you can always find it here. Our themes this term are: Monday: Arts and Crafts, Tuesday: Sports, Wednesday: Cooking, Thursday: Bike Project.

Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak, Play Sessions are held virtually every Thursday from 2.30pm.

Youth Coaching

We provide a youth coaching programme in the local secondary schools in Tulse Hill. These involve our youth workers going into schools and running 1:1 and group sessions for any pupils who may be disengaged in their education or home life. These are an opportunity for them to have someone to talk to, help set goals, build confidence and listen to the young people. The programme usually runs for 6 weeks.

Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak, 1:1 Youth Coaching is now available online.

Study Hub

We realise that as well as space to play, it’s also important to provide a quiet space for children and young people to do their school homework. So everyday, from 3:30-5pm, we have a quiet space with laptops and staff support for those who need it.

Due to the current Coronavirus outbreak, Study Hub sessions will now take place online every Wednesday between 3.30 – 4.30pm.

School Holiday Play and Youth Sessions

During the school holidays, we run our play sessions for children aged 8-16 as well. These normally run from 12-5pm and include workshops, lots of free play and trips out. Look out for details of the days we are open for each school holiday

Find Out More

To find out more about our services and our current timetable during the Coronavirus outbreak, email or call us on 0208 671 3132 or 0208 674 3975.

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