Connecting Tulse Hill

The Connecting Tulse Hill (CTH) Partnership came together to provide a collective response to addressing digital exclusion in Tulse Hill during the Covid-19 pandemic. The partnership was initially formed of the following organisations: Tulse Hill Labour Ward Councillors, Jubilee Primary School, Tree Shepherd and High Trees Community Development Trust.

The partnership objectives were to ensure that:

  • Individuals could access and apply for welfare support to which they may be entitled.
  • Individuals could take part in online courses that are being delivered by High Trees.
  • Children and young people could engaged in their remote school support.
  • Individuals and families could stay connected to each other via video-calls.

To make these objectives achievable the partnership quickly organised all of the resources to manage the project and put all of the pieces into place to get the equipment out to those in need as an emergency response.

The initiative was also supported by further Tulse Hill based organisations including St. Matthews Project, YellowQube and Holy Trinity Primary School, and three Tenants and Residents Associations: St Matthews, Tulse Hill Estate and St. Martins Estate. These partners became active referrers into the project.

Connecting Tulse Hill partners

Download and read the Connecting Tulse Hill report