Social Action Hub

*COVID-19 Update*: Since the COVID-19 outbreak we have been listening to our services users to identify areas people are struggling with, to connect, co-ordinate and provide support. Many of our users have told us how they are digitally excluded during this time, unable to access support and social networks online.

In response to this pressing need we have since come together with Jubilee School, Treesheperd, Tulse Hill Cllrs Mary, Marcia and Ben to form the Connecting Tulse Hill partnership to support as many people as we can in Tulse Hill that are cut off, to get online.

To find out more and to support the project please contribute to our Crowdfunder, here.

If you know a Tulse Hill based person that you think would really benefit from this project, please encourage them to call 0208 671 3132.

We cannot promise to support everyone and cannot guarantee that we can allocate devices rapidly so please do manage expectations. Devices are provided as a long-term loan and will be reallocated to others in need when no longer required by recipients.

New well being service

Our new Wellbeing Support service is now up and running remotely. If you need our support or advice during these unprecedented times, we are here for you. Our Helpline is open to all, Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm just give us a call on 0208 671 3132.

We can:

  • Help make sure you know what help is available and ensure you are able to access it
  • Schedule regular wellbeing calls with our friendly staff
  • Issue food bank vouchers
  • Help you connect with specialised support services

Social Action Hub

High Trees is one of 20 ‘Social Action Hubs’ nationally, aimed at rolling out local training and support for community organising into neighbourhoods and institutions across England.

Social Action Hubs are locally accountable organisations working with an experienced Community Organiser to develop community organising in their area. Through training local leaders and volunteers at a neighbourhood level the Hubs will spread community organising skills and ideas and be catalysts for resident-led social action.

From September 2017, and over the next 3 years, High Trees will be working to recruit, train and support an average of 110 local leaders and volunteers in community organising principles and practice.  High Trees will be working to increase the strength and depth of local networks capable of taking action to create change at a neighbourhood level, including an increase in the use of community organising principles and practice to energise democracy, public services and grass-roots community activity in the area.

Get Involved

To find out more about our current activities in this area and our training courses, or to volunteer, please email or call 0208 671 31 32 and talk to Graham, High Trees Community Organiser

Community organising at High Trees

High Trees has hosted community organisers since 2013 and seen great results including the establishment of new Tenants and Residents’ Associations (TRA), development of a Neighbourhood Plan, a strong residents’ campaign to influence major estate regeneration and a new youth forum for the area. Community organising is now an established way of working for High Trees and the Social Action Hub provides the opportunity to promote collective action and campaigning in Tulse Hill and neighbouring areas – community organising provides a mechanism for enabling residents to have a stronger voice in local decision-making.

The opportunity to develop and offer training at different levels in community organising is exciting both as an addition to High Trees’ current adult learning offer and as a means to embed community organising as an approach amongst partner organisations, neighbourhood forums and TRAs. Ultimately this will lead to a more active, representative and civically engaged community.

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