Space to Think Events

A Space to Think brings together diverse groups of people – social and community activists, Community Organisers, third sector and civil society organisations, people who aren’t part of any formal group, and policy makers at Borough and London-wide levels – to discuss some of the current topics and concerns that Londoners face.

High Trees have held Space to Think events on various issues.  This has including supporting Black Thrive in facilitating a discussion around the over representation of Black people in mental health services within Lambeth, this discussion itself identified school exclusions as a widely held concern among the participants, which led to a further Space to Think event to explore the issue further and look at what possible solutions could look like. Another example of this work was a Space to Think event held  Latin American women, to consider the issues the Latin American women and parents face in London.

Space to Think events are a excellent and participatory tool to allow a collaborative environment which brings together communities and decision makers to tackle issues. High Trees have used visual minutes and for some events produced short films to capture the events and their outcomes, which have worked well alongside written reports.

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Consultancy projects

GLA Regeneration of Brixton

The GLA’s Citizen Led Engagement Project aimed to make London fairer, and more inclusive, and to encourage active citizenship. We worked with local organsiations and residents to identify the issues they felt were most pressing across Brixton to discover what steps could be taken to resolve them.

Lambeth Council Art Project

In 2019, we were commissioned to deliver a Section 106 Art project. The project consisted of recruiting an art consultant, local community connectors, providing training for the community connectors and conducting outreach across the Tulse Hill ward.

Brixton Youth Violence Consultation

At the start of 2020, we were approached by a client who wanted to engage local people through a series of listening campaigns comprising of as many one-to-one conversations as possible. The purpose was to understand the impact of youth violence on both young people and the local community.

Space to Think

A Space to Think brings together diverse groups of people to discuss some of the burning topics and concerns that Londoners face.