Water Charges Refund Campaign

Dennis Jones approached the High Trees Community Action after news had been released that Lambeth Council would be paying its tenants refunds after discounts from Thames Water had not been passed on to them over many years. He correctly raised the issue that the housing associations on St. Martin’s Estate also owed their tenants the same but were not issuing those refunds.

So a campaign group started with residents from around the estate to push the housing associations to issue the same refunds. After building allies with councillors and building numbers through meetings, stalls and a petition, the housing associations began discussing communications around refunds with them and the Tenants and Residents Association on the estate.

After gaining clarity on how it would be done and communicating this to all residents, in discussion with representatives from the estates, refunds were issued to residents.

This would not have been possible without the tenacity and courage of people like Dennis and his neighbours organising around the issue to listen to each other, build their power and taking collective action to stand up for their rights.

Press Coverage

The group received much press coverage of their camapign, some of which is linked below:

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