Digital Skills for Work at Level 1

This course runs on Tuesday 10am – 3pm from 16th April to 18th June at High Trees Hub.

By completing the course, you will demonstrate that you have mastered the use of ICT in everyday life and will make you more attractive to employers.  This course will cover – email and file management – presenting information in the correct format – designing professional looking posters/presentations - using Excel to make calculations, design charts and graphs - maintaining a secure network – taking into account relevance, bias and copyright when using information. 

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

Interact with and use an ICT system to meet needs and solve problems e.g. to display data in a graph, or organise information 

Enter, edit, and organise data in a spreadsheet 

Apply editing, formatting and layout techniques to meet needs using different software applications 

Apply a range of editing, formatting and layout techniques to meet needs, including text, tables, graphics, records, numerical data, charts, graphs or other digital content 

Organise electronic messages, attachments and contacts 

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