Past Community Action Projects

The High Trees Community Action team have worked with the local community and provided support on a number of past projects.

The Community Action Team works to support residents from the Tulse Hill and neighbouring areas to build more active, represented and civically engaged communities. We do this through providing mentoring and practical support for community leaders, and offering training in community organising.

Regeneration of Brixton

High Trees gave intensive training to a cohort of local people, providing training in peer research skills, community organising and the key principles of data collection.

Consultation on violence affecting young people in Brixton

The purpose of the listening campaign was to understand violence affecting young people, the impact of this on the local community and to find local solutions to this.

Water charges

The campaign began in June 2021 when Dennis Jones, a resident of St. Martin’s Estate, approached High Trees with concerns about tenants being overcharged for water bills.

Space to Think: School Exclusions

 In June 2019, the Space to Think partners came together alongside Black Thrive to think more deeply about school exclusions and to explore what possible solutions could look like. 

Latin American Parent’s Group

In December 2019, the Space to Think partners joined IRMO and Latin American parents to discuss issues that Latin American women and parents face in London. 

Connecting Tulse Hill

The Connecting Tulse Hill partnership came together to provide a collective response to addressing digital exclusion in Tulse Hill during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Current projects

Find out about the current projects the High Trees Community Action team is involved in.