Information for Employers

High Trees Employment and Careers team have had 23 years’ experience matching the best Lambeth talent with local employers

At High Trees we understand that poor recruitment has a huge effect on employers. It creates high staff turnover, wastes time and money and impacts business continuity. Our service will work with you to ensure we are only putting forward the best matched, job-ready candidates for your roles.

High Trees work with employers of all sizes to provide enthusiastic, committed staff through our no-cost training and brokerage service. Our candidates are sourced from our pool of highly skills and committed individuals who are pre-screened based on flexibility, skills, qualifications and experience. We can also provide sector-based training for candidates to meet your specific needs.

High Trees candidates include those experienced and looking for full-time opportunities in sectors including: Administration, Construction, Cleaning, Call Centre Staff, Driving, Logistics,  Digital, ITC,  Grounds Maintenance,  Health & Social Care, Manufacturing , Warehousing and Waste Management

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“It was great to understand the work you do at High Trees and how that impacts the local community, and we are grateful for you time and support with our recruitment.”