Lambeth Peer Action Collective

The Lambeth Peer Action collective (LPAC) is a collective committed to addressing the roots of violence affecting young people in Lambeth.

The Lambeth Peer Action Collective (LPAC) is a group of youth organisations and young people that exists to better understand the roots of violence affecting young people in Lambeth and to take action to address these issues. 

First formed in 2021, LPAC has already completed a first research project that explores the perspectives of young people living in Lambeth and how the environment they live in shapes their experiences of violence. 418 young people contributed through a series of one-to-one interviews, arts-based workshops and ‘Talk it Out’ sessions. The findings of the research were published in March 2023.   

From the outset, LPAC aimed to create opportunities for young people to respond to the findings from the peer research and to identify solutions and ways to build a safer environment for young people in Lambeth. Using the insights from the research, the Collective developed ideas to identify solutions and built campaigns to demand better opportunities, housing and an education system that works for all young people. The work to develop these campaigns has involved over 200 young people to date. A full manifesto is available here. 

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