Tulse Hill Estate Unites’ petition gets 168 signatures!

Jun 24, 2024 | Community Action, News

Tulse Hill Estate Unites have submitted a petition to Lambeth Council, calling for an independent environmental inspection of the Tulse Hill Estate to identify potential structural issues. Tulse Hill Estate Unites is a group of residents from the Tulse Hill Estate, which formed following a listening campaign by High Trees’ Community Action team on the estate. From the listening campaign, the most common concerns which emerged were pervasive issues of damp and disrepair. The group currently meets twice a month, working together and campaigning to improve living conditions on the estate.

The group decided to submit the petition after hearing from hundreds of neighbours who had faced persistent issues of damp and mould. Tulse Hill Estate Unites believe that these problems stem, at least partially, from structural deficiencies on the estate. They were successful in collecting 168 signatures, that’s more than one in five residents of the estate!

The petition calls on Lambeth Council to:

  1. Commission an independent environmental inspection of the estate.
  2. Collaborate with residents to develop an actionable plan based on the findings.
  3. Ensure full accountability for the execution of this plan.

Tulse Hill Estate Unites is determined to hold the council accountable and ensure that all residents enjoy safe, healthy living conditions. To stay up to date with updates on this petition and their campaigns, please visit their website.