Improving wellbeing, relieving stress and fostering connections through adult wellbeing courses

May 27, 2024 | Education and Training, News

At High Trees we run a variety of wellbeing courses for adults throughout the year. Last term these included Yoga for Mindfulness, The Art of Confident Speaking, Introduction to Stress Management and Mindful Mosaic Making. These courses have helped individuals to improve their wellbeing, reach their personal goals and foster a new sense of community and connection. 

Learners taking part in our mosaic course this term particularly enjoyed the sense of accomplishment they felt as a result. It was a great opportunity for them to nurture their creativity and helped to ease stress in their everyday lives.  

“It brought a huge therapeutic calm to [my] life- which has been stressful recently. It made me realise how much I need a creative outlet.”  

“Connecting with others and enjoying being creative in a peaceful space.” 

Those taking part in our weekly yoga course also reported physical and mental health benefits. 

“[The course] Helped [me] to relax, to sleep better. I want to feel better to relieve stress from day to day. Coming to High Trees made [me] feel very good and relax[ed], the environment is very cool.” 

Learners also reported that the courses also fostered new friendships and a sense of connection with the local community in Tulse Hill.  

If you are interested in signing up to our upcoming wellbeing courses, please get in touch with the Education and Training team on: