AMPLA (Association of Latin American Parents)

Dec 16, 2020 | Community Action

AMPLA (Association of Latin American Parents) joined the Community Action team at High Trees for three Saturdays over November 2020 for training on the introduction to Community Organising. They are a group of passionate, committed parents working to take collective action on issues that matter most to them and their families. 

High Trees’ Community Action team has been helping to mentor and practically support the group through IRMO (Indoamerican Refugee and Migrant Organisation) in taking their first steps towards action. Part of this included the facilitation of a Space to Think event to discuss and map out some of the issues that Latin American parents face in London. The aim of the training was, firstly, to ground the work they have already done in developing their group in good Community Organising practice. Secondly, the group used the third session to prioritise problems they wanted to work on and cut them down into actionable issues. 

It was a dynamic and lively three days. We look forward to working with AMPLA going forward as they continue their Community Organising journey. If you are looking to bring people together to take action around common concerns and to overcome social injustice, get in touch with us at 

If you are a Latin American parent and would like to join or follow AMPLA, you can complete their membership sign up form and find all of their social media handles here!