Horse fun for our ESOL learners

Nov 26, 2020 | Education and Training, News

On the 19th of October our Entry 2 ESOL learners have visited our partner Ebony Horse Club, for a full immersion interactive session on how to take care of horses as part of our learning trips under the City Bridge Trust programme. During this outdoor and socially distanced trip, students learnt about how to care for horses and got some practical experience grooming. They then practised their horsemanship skills, using new English expressions such as ‘walk on’. Finally, they helped prepare hay bales for the horses and to tidy up the stables. Many of our students have limited opportunities to engage with the wider community and so this was an opportunity for them to learn not only about horses, and practice their English, but also to learn more about charities in the UK and volunteering in the local community. Students were able to build on their language skills further by writing about their experiences using the simple past tense in the following language lesson.  

Thank you so much for all staff from Ebony Horse Club for the incredible day, our learners have loved it!

“I have learned so much about horses, they are beautiful animals and so calming. It was huge fun and I cannot wait to tell my friends and family!”

“On Monday in the morning I went on the trip with my teacher and all friends. I saw the Horses at Ebony Horse Club. I played with the little pony in the park. I loved grooming and playing with horses. I learned a lot about horses.”