Strengthening the Voluntary and Community Sector through mentoring

Mar 4, 2024 | News, Partnerships, Research & Development

The Lambeth Community Hubs Network aims to strengthen the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) within Lambeth, with a vision to create a more equal, inclusive and thriving Lambeth. The network is dedicated to supporting local VCS organisations, helping them thrive and grow by providing access to high quality practical resources and advice, including guidance on running their buildings and organisations more effectively. Over the past three months, Lambeth Hubs has been providing bespoke mentoring to five local VCS organisations. 

What mentoring support does Lambeth Hubs provide?  

The one-to-one mentoring support provided by Lambeth Hubs is all about personalised guidance tailored to the unique needs of each organisation. For some of the current cohort, this has included support with policy writing and drafting organisational documents such as Volunteer Handbooks, Health and Safety Policies and Volunteer Application Forms.  For other organisations this has meant advice with developing a new room booking process or with mapping out community engagement activities and potential community partners.  

Feedback from our mentees 

With the first round of mentoring support set to finish in April 2024, we’re proud to share the positive feedback we’ve received from organisations supported by Lambeth Hubs. 

“We’re very grateful for the support given. It has been delivered at a manageable pace and been specific to our needs. Helping to take away the overwhelm of these tasks that needed doing, having the in-person visits has been key… I highly recommend any organisation taking up this offer in the future.” 

What’s next for the Lambeth Hubs mentoring programme?  

Building on the success of the initial mentoring programme, Lambeth Hubs is aiming to continue delivering mentoring to local VCS organisations. 

If your organisation is interested in benefiting from Lambeth Hubs mentoring support, don’t hesitate to contact us on: