Understanding Young People’s Experiences of Violence in Lambeth – a Participatory Action Research Approach

Apr 3, 2023 | Community Action, News, Partnerships

High Trees has been supporting the Lambeth Peer Action Collective since August 2021 as they worked alongside a group of peer researchers to research the perspectives of young people living in Lambeth and how the environment they live in shapes their experiences of violence. Overall, 418 young people contributed their thoughts through a series of one-to-one interviews, arts-based workshops and ‘Talk it Out’ sessions.

LPAC have now launched their Manifesto which presents opportunities for local funders, statutory service providers and policymakers to help build a
safer, protective, and more caring ecosystem for young people in Lambeth to grow up in and a future for young people free from violence. Alongside this, High Tress have published a report into their findings which has used a Participatory Action Research Approach to understanding young People’s Experiences of Violence in Lambeth. This report can be downloaded from our website here.