Sparking change through Community Organising training

Feb 29, 2024 | Community Action, News

Last week, 16 individuals representing diverse groups and neighbourhoods from across Lambeth accessed our community organising training for the first time.  

During the session, attendees explored different approaches to community organising, including the different settings where organising can take place. Together they learned how to craft effective action strategies tailored to their respective groups. Every group also developed a compelling public narrative—a powerful tool for conveying their shared values, strategic direction, and the urgency driving their call to action. 

Participants said they enjoyed the hands-on approach to the session, finding it particularly helpful to work through specific case studies, collaborating in small groups and learning how community organising theories and concepts can be applied. 93% of those who took part said they had gained practical skills that would help them take action in their communities.  

Our one-day Community Organising courses are designed to be immediately applicable to the real-world challenges that communities face. If you’d like to join our Community Organising training, please email for more information.