Good Things Foundation ‘Everyone Connected’

Mar 17, 2021 | Community Action

As part of the Good Things Foundation’Everyone Connected project, High Trees has distributed smartphones along with SIM cards with preloaded data to beneficiaries. This has involved helping people with internet use for job applications, social connection, online courses, video calls with solicitors etc. during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Overall, 7 million people don’t have internet at home and 9 million people can’t use the internet without help. Projects like these have been crucial to avoid the worst problems of the lockdown in keeping people connected to the wider world for essential services and to one another. 

This is one part of what High Trees has been doing during the most recent lockdown alongside running a digital hub for computer access, 1:1 face to face ICT support and laptop loans. 

Read more about our digital support project Connecting Tulse Hill here and out Digital Hub here