High Trees Mosaic Mandala learners win the Outstanding Learner Group Award at the Lambeth Adult Learning End of Year Conference

Sep 22, 2022 | News

At the recent Lambeth Adult Learning End of Year Conference, our learners were delighted to win the Outstanding Learner Group Award for their Mosaic Mandala course. The unique mosaic class, delivered to learners in Tulse Hill, was developed to encourage creativity and mindfulness while learning a variety of techniques to create their own mosaic mandala. Throughout the 6 week course, learners told us how valuable they found a dedicated, friendly, and supportive space to learn more about mindfulness while learning new skills and channeling their creativity.

At the conferences our learners, some speaking in public for the first time, told attendees:

“The Mindful Mandala mosaic-making course with High Trees represented a critical point in my personal journey towards recovery from a debilitating mental health condition. To have been given a space to learn, reflect, and create was invaluable to me. I was absolutely delighted that the group was not only nominated but actually won the Lambeth Adult Learner Group Award! I can’t thank the staff at High Trees and Julie (the course leader) enough for bringing mosaics and mindfulness into my life.”

“’I didn’t realise I was a creative person until I could do this, and it has really helped me to sort out my head space.”

“’Now retired but discovering the new me I am going to put into practice the skills I have learned, continuing to volunteer, hopefully helping others as these courses have helped me.”

High Trees were incredibly proud to have the work of their learners and the value of the course recognised, and look forward to hearing about our learners’ next steps, be this volunteering, attending further courses with us or other local providers, or using the course as a springboard to move back into the workplace.