Success for new 45+ Employment Support Programme at High Trees

Jan 22, 2024 | News

Launched in August 2023, the Lambeth 45+ programme is designed to help Lambeth residents who are aged 45+ and have recently become unemployed to find work.  We are pleased to announce that over 50 Lambeth residents have already benefited from this 12-week programme during which they can access personalised advice and coaching.  

Clients who completed the programme found that their confidence grew massively, thanks to the support and encouragement of their employment advisors. Our employment advisors were crucial in helping clients remain focused during the job search, preparing them for interviews and providing them with invaluable feedback from practice interviews and role plays.  

The positive impact of these sessions extended beyond employment outcomes, with clients also reporting improved well-being and reduced feelings of isolation.   

We recently heard from Rachel*, who enrolled onto our Lambeth 45+ programme after becoming unemployed in May 2023. She candidly shared, “I felt very low, quite lonely because all my friends were working. I was kind of the only one out of my social network that was not working… I think it affected my mental health; I got very down on myself.” 

After consistent support from our employment advisors Rachel found that her confidence had improved dramatically, and she was successful in securing a new job.  She told us, “I feel much more confident and secure in myself… I have got quite a bit to offer still to the workplace and the world in general.” 

If you’d like to know more about the Lambeth 45+ programme and how it’s making a difference, reach out to our Employment & Careers team at  

*Name has been changed