The Lambeth Peer Action Collective wins 2 awards!

Nov 27, 2023 | Community Action, News, Partnerships

The Lambeth Peer Action Collective (LPAC) won the Youth Endowment Fund’s Group Award for greatest insights. It was also selected by the Market Research Society for their 2023 cadre of Research Heroes.  

At High Trees we’re incredibly proud of these achievements by the LPAC, having supported them on their journey since August 2021. After launching their manifesto and publishing their research findings earlier this year, LPAC has continued to campaign for change.  

Their research into the causes and impact of violence on young people in Lambeth has led to further discussions with stakeholders and change makers. Recently, LPAC visited New Scotland Yard to share their perspective, delivering their feedback to help shape the MET Police youth policy.  

When interviewed for an article in Research Live, members of the Collective spoke about the motivation behind their work.  

“Many of us grew up in areas affected by violence, and joining LPAC was a chance to find solutions to issues we cared deeply about. We challenge traditional research approaches, demonstrating the impact and quality of community research, social action, and youth-led approaches. Our experiences make us who we are, as football coaches, rappers, social researchers, mothers, and mentors, and they allow us to connect on a real level with the young people we speak to. Finding answers helps the next generation to flourish and be free in their youth.” 

Stay up to date with work being done by the LPAC here.